Scholarship Program

LIPHA Scholarship Award

One of the primary goals of the Professional Horseman’s Association is education. To achieve this goal the Long Island chapter may offer scholarships to Professional, Associate and Junior members for verified, in-person, full time attendance for undergraduate study at an accredited two or four year institution or trade school. Application for scholarship funds can be made each year of the candidate’s undergraduate study. It is possible for a candidate to be awarded a scholarship during more than one academic year. These scholarship funds can NOT be used to purchase riding equipment, pay for training lessons, entry fees for shows or other show expenses.

The total amount of funds available for scholarships will be determined each year by the Treasurer and Finance Committee and approved by a membership vote. The number of scholarships and the amount of each scholarship shall be decided by the Scholarship Committee and be presented to the Chapter’s Board of Directors.

To qualify for a scholarship a candidate must:

1. Have been member in good standing for at least two consecutive calendar years. If the second year of membership is the year in which the application is made, the membership dues for that year must be received by the Treasurer prior to February 1st of that year.

2. Submit an application and all required paperwork no later than May 31st of each year.

3. Write an essay, approximately 500 words, explaining why he or she should be awarded a scholarship and how it will further his/her career.

4. Applicants must demonstrate proof of involvement with the Long Island Chapter of the PHA or another PHA Chapter.  For example:
• Write an article for publication
• Hold a fundraiser
• Volunteer time in the name of the LIPHA
• All creative ideas are welcome

5. Provide two (2) letters of recommendation supporting the candidate’s level of motivation and the probability of success in his/her chosen profession. One letter must be from an academic teacher.

6. Provide transcript of the past semester to the Scholarship Committee by May 31st.

7. Be interviewed in person by the Scholarship Committee, if requested.

8. Provide verification of full time enrollment from your admissions office to an accredited two or four year institution or trade school by September10th.

IMPORTANT! Before downloading and filling in the application,
be sure to read ALL the rules and regulations
as there are changes from previous years!

Application may be downloaded here:
Scholarship Application: Download

National Jr PHA Awards - Scholarship Award

This Scholarship will be awarded to an active member of the Junior PHA. He or she must be one who has shown interest and good sportsmanship in any aspect of the horse industry, and has the ability to benefit from Professional training.

The Award is to be used by said Junior for riding lessons with a Professional Horseman of his choice, providing the Professional is a member in good standing of the PHA.

The process to be used by each Junior Chapter to qualify for this Award is as follows:

1. Juniors may nominate any Junior member they feel worthy.

2. Juniors to hand into the Junior Advisor or President a brief resume of the person they are nominating.

3. Nominations will be considered by a committee consisting of the four Junior Officers, two Professionals and two Associates (to include the President and the Junior Advisor); the other two left to the discretion of the President.

4. Each Chapter may nominate one Junior for every twenty-five members or fraction thereof to the National for consideration.

5. The nominations to be sent by November 1st to the National Junior chairman for consideration.

6. Each chapter is encouraged to give a small scholarship to its local nominee if he or she is not the National Winner.

At the National Level
The National judging committee is to include the President, Eastern and Western Vice-Presidents, and the Junior Chairman.

For more information call or write M.J. Mitchell, National Junior Chairman, 914-769-6240.

Congratulations to our
LIPHA Scholarship

2017 Winners:
Samantha Beiter
• Rachel E. Carter
• Ian Jacobitti

2016 Winners:
Samantha Beiter
• Rachel E. Carter
• Ian Jacobitti

2015 Winner
Ian Jacobitti

2014 Winners:
• Hannah Immerman
Anna O’Connor
• Alexis Scida

2013 Winners:
Alora Corr
• Hannah Immerman

2012 Winners:
• Olivia Cary
• Alora Corr
• Carla Gaynor
• Amanda Horn
• Colleen Jaskot
• Taylor Lombardi
• Brittany Matters
• Kerry McGlinchey
• Lauren Soohoo

2011 Winners:
• Alexa Basile
• Olivia Carey
• Megan Frank
• Danielle Franchi
• Carla Gaynor
• Amanda Horn
• Brittany Matters
• Lauren Soohoo
• Heather Spagnoli

2010 Winners:
• Amanda Horn
• Carla Gaynor
• Madison McKay
• Olivia Carey
• Allison Haspel
• Jonathan deLeyer Strumph
• Colleen Jaskot
• Courtney Bryggman
• Heather Spagnoli
• Megan Frank
• Cassandra deLeyer Strumph
• JP Roukis

2009 Winners:
Alexa Basile
Courtney Bryggman
Megan Frank
• Allison Haspel

Cory Helfrich
Colleen Jaskot
Kristen Zimmerman

2008 Winners:
• Zachary Halpern
• Megan Frank
• JP Roukis
• Megan Larkin
• Erika Dagum

2007 Winners:
• Kathryn Bremen
• Cassandra Strumph
• Cara Anastasio
• Ariel Prim


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