About Us

The purpose of the LIPHA is to serve the needs of Long Island’s professional horsemen and exhibitors as well as give aid to needy members. The LIPHA also offers a Scholarship Program to Professional, Associate and Junior members attending college.

We strive to:

  • To provide assistance to Professional members in time of need within limits established by this Chapter’s membership.
  • To provide a death benefit to Professional members according to the amount and criteria established by this Chapter.
  • To establish and administer a scholarship program for Professional, Associate and Junior members.
  • To sponsor clinics, forums or seminars as educational activities to aid in the protection, care, training and use of horses and ponies.
  • To promote and foster interest in the horse industry.
  • To represent professional horsemen, owners and exhibitors by encouraging high standards for horse shows.
  • To offer consultation and encouragement to show managers for the improvement of shows.
  • To encourage good sportsmanship among Chapter members.